Tory Burch's Former Step-Daughters Launch Clothing Line

Posted Sunday April 27, 2014 2:58 PM GMT

Fashion runs in the family, and the latest initiative from the Burch brood actually comes from Chris Burch’s daughters/Tory Burch’s former stepdaughters Pookie and Louisa .

Under the Trademark moniker, the dynamic design duo have come up with a clothing line that’s described as “classic, nostalgic and minimal.”

Priced from $200-$300, Trademark’s Fall 2014 collection is comprised of classic army jackets, wool-textured track pants, oversized pea coats, waffle-knit sweaters and snazzy paneled dresses.

Louisa told Racked, "The idea is to make the clothing affordable but still make sure the quality is [as] important. We want clothes that actually keep you warm. There's a purpose for them, not just cheap stuff that you'd have to go buy something new the next season."

"It's about making stuff that you've always known but revisiting them. We're evolving the classic item, like a pea coat, or a striped t-shirt, and evolving things you can relate to at an accessible price point. Identifiable items but with a twist in a modern way," added Pookie.

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