Oakley: Readying Women's Swimwear Collection

Posted Tuesday July 10, 2012 9:29 AM GMT

Looking to broaden their reach into the marketplace, Oakley has just licensed their first collection of swimwear for ladies.

And while Trimera Group will produce, market, and distribute the goods, Oakley will put its own stamp on the line, including both lifestyle and performance offerings.

The new collection will be introduced at the Miami Swim Show from July 14th through the 18th, and Trimera Group president Kathy Van Ness is pumped about the new enterprise.

“Oakley came to us a year ago in an effort to expand their global brand. It’s been an exciting project to understand and translate Oakley’s DNA into swimwear,” she shared. “This is not a collection for a girly girl, it’s for the sporty girl and it has a lot of attitude. It’s athletic sporty and not meant to be flirty.”

Oakley CEO Raphael Peck added, “Aesthetically, our product is designed for the active woman and we wanted product that worked without sacrificing trend and fashion. Inherent in this product line is our belief that every swim piece needs to work while flattering a woman’s body. The target consumer is clear, she’s active, confident and demands more from her product.”

“Our brand ID is so strong that finding partnerships that fit has proven to be difficult. At the end of the day, Oakley prides itself in being the very best product building brand in the world, but we are humble enough to understand we can’t build it all. Surf is a critical vertical for us, and the active female consumer remains paramount to our success long term.”

Photo Credit: Oakley

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