Pint-Size to Plus-Size: How to Find a Swimsuit to Flatter Any Figure

Posted Wednesday May 15, 2013 9:36 AM GMT

Shopping for the perfect swimsuit can prove to be more stressful than successful, especially if you're unsure of which silhouette flatters your figure best.

With all the styles available, it’s easy to spring for one you like versus one that actually complements your curves.

Well now you can have both; a suit you'll not only love, but also one that enhances your assets and hides areas of concern. Translation: One to make you a smokin' beach bombshell.

Small Bust Size: Give your girls a little extra oomph, by opting for a top that comes with some extra padding and/or in a lively print. You can also play up your bosom with ruffles, frills, and angled lines, as they will create the illusion of a fuller chest.
*Tip: Avoid bandeau tops. They bring attention to your chest, or lack there of, and create what we call, the pancake effect.

Fuller Chest: Underwire is your friend! The structure it provides will lend you a refined silhouette up top and will help to keep the gals in place. Steer clear of spaghetti straps and excessive amounts of padding, as they will only accentuate your heavy chest in an overwhelming way. Bandeau tops are also a no-no. They won't lend the support you need and will make you vulnerable to exposure.
*Tip: Try pairing your top with a printed bottom, as this will draw attention away from your upper half.

Boyish, Petite Frame: The main rule of thumb is to remember to stay away from ultra-feminine designs. They’ll steer you right into little girl territory and that’s not where you want to go. Instead, invest in something with bold hues, colorblocking, and/or contoured features such as angles and strappy elements to create a curvy illusion.

Plus Size: Tankinis may be where your comfort lies, but try sporting a body-hugging one-piece, as it will lend you a streamlined silhouette. Opt for styles that have an empire waistline or are belted at the midsection. Each will draw attention to the smallest part of your body — giving you a sexy hourglass shape. Ruching and draping also do the body good, and will keep you snug and shapely in all the right places.
*Tip: Avoid prints. They will widen out your frame. Stick with bold colors or metallics!

Pear Shape: For you ladies carrying more weight in the lower-half of your body, there are a slew of swimwear options for you to sport. Our suggestion? Opt for anything that draws eyes upwards. One-piece swimsuits with plunging necklines look hot on this body type, as do bikini tops boasting wild prints.
*Tip: Steer clear of skimpy tops. They will cause your bottom half to look much bigger and will make it impossible maintain a visual balance.

Tall & Slender Frame: For all you vertically privileged ladies, we suggest you stick with a two-piece bikini. Any style would look fab on you, but we love the bandeau the best! If you do choose to go the monokini route, get playful with the design! Spring for one with a stylish print or sexy cutouts.

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