Splish, Splash and Splurge: 12 Swimsuits We’d Spend Bookoo Bucks On

Posted Wednesday July 25, 2012 7:41 AM GMT

There comes a time (many times, rather) in every woman’s life when she feels the need to indulge in some splurge spending.

Chock it up to a bad day at work, a break-up, or even a celebratory occasion; sometimes a little retail therapy is the only thing that settles that 'I deserve this' mood.

Some days the urge is for an ultra-sexy pair of new pumps, while on others it’s filled with swanky jewelry, slinky LBDs and luxe handbags.

Well for us, today is one of those days, and we’re itching for a mega-glamorous, totally out of our budget, ‘look-at-me’ swimsuit – the kind that gets heads turning and all the pool boys’ hearts a'racing.

Whether it’s a bikini, tankini, monokini – or any kind of ‘kini’ for that matter – we’re on the hunt for something fabulous that’s totally worthy of an afternoon at even the ritziest of yacht clubs.

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